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We are a Digital Advertising Company that allows businesses to spread their message through our platform, using digital display screens located in popular business establishments in your community.

We are in your local community

Sports Bars, Fitness Centers, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Taxi Cabs and other popular gathering spots.

  • Today people are out and about all the time, living their busy lives, thus making it even more difficult for advertisers to reach them with traditional advertising media.
  • Digital advertising spending has overtaken every form of advertising (radio, magazine, newspaper, and etc.) except television.
  • And by 2018, it is projected to exceed television.
  • Tv Viewership is down a staggering 50% since 2002.
  • Print advertising fell for hte 8th consecutive year.

Digital Advertising Has Stopping Power

  • And it is not just that it catches their attention – the studies show that people find it more interesting, unique, entertaining and less annoying.
  • Today, people are spending a record amount of time with media outside the home.
  • Customers are much more demanding, and they expect empowerment.
  • Customers are time-constrained, they are not willing to wait. With a whole generation brought up on instant messaging, video-on-demand, the attention span of most people continues to shrink.

Facts about Digital Advertising

  • 53% of viewers recalled one or more ads.
  • 36% of viewers were more likely to buy a product or service than on television from home.
  • 35% of viewers were visiting a retail merchant the same day they viewed the advertising.

Maximize Your Branding & Marketing

  • With any of our formats, you will enhance what you currently do in print, TV, and radio by maximizing your brand throughout your community.
  • Your ad shows prime time all the time.
  • Repetition creates retention. Your ad shows a minimum of 25 times a day in each Host Site.
  • With digital display advertising, you get your message across in a way that static posters & billboards never could.

You might ask yourself how this new digital media branch relates to what we do? We are a marketing division housed inside a financial company to help profit businesses and business owners. We use our sharing platforms housed within our financial business to increase revenue.



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GIVING BACK…50% of generated revenues are donated to non-profits and charities.