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Giving Back

One of the founders of recently survived stage 4 cancer – a life-changing experience. The founders are so grateful to have survived this harrowing ordeal with a miraculous result, they want to share their good fortune.

Through the use of the unique Simply Rewards platform, purchases of our products will provide a residual income to  The founders have decided to generously donate 50% of generated revenues to selected non-profits and charities.

In this same way, your non-profit organizations, including schools, churches, and charities may receive residual income with our platform.   Find out more.


Simply Rewards 

Rewards was created to partner with non-profits, schools, and charities and is changing the entire paradigm of fundraising and development. With most non-profits, the traditional method of obtaining funds was to ask supporters again and again, over and over, to write checks and solicit support from others. With the Rewards program, however, you create a totally new fundraising program by turning your “ask” into a “give”… which means that folks who support your organization through the Rewards program receive tangible benefits because of their participation. Find our more.

eVantage Smart Home

Keep your family and property safe with home security through eVantage Smart Home. You’re only one touch away from always being connected with the ability to manage the entire system through your computer, tablet, smartphone or any web-enabled device. You can access video monitoring, lighting and lamps controls, door locks, thermostats, alert notifications for severe weather and much more. Let the kids in after school with automatic door locks. Make sure they’re doing their homework with video surveillance. Even adjust the thermostat remotely. Find out more.

Other Products

Continue to check back on our Products page as we will continue to add innovative solutions for additional  security and a better quality of life for your loved ones, as well as a better way for you to make purchases.  By purchasing products through our site, you will be contributing to other non-profits and charities.




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GIVING BACK…50% of generated revenues 

are donated to non-profits and charities.